Welcome to Robbie Toys Limited

Welcome to Robbie Toys Ltd

We are the official importers and UK distributors for Injusa, Rolly and Ferbedo

As you browse through our website you will find a wide selection of products including, pedal tractors, trailers, accessories to fit the tractors, battery operated 6 and 12 volt vehicles ranging from quads, jeeps, motorbikes and tractors.

You will also come across rocking horses, trikes, foot to floor ride ons, sledges and snow goods, large and giant chess and draughts sets.

In a nut shell if you need a vehicle for your child look no further as all the best brands are here

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And a spare part back up helpline for all.

Rolly Container

This giant Trailer, which is suited to any large Rolly tractor, features conventional tipping style and a container removal system. One simple locking device allows you to switch between tipping styles. Two opening rear doors for easy unloading. Available in JD green, Claas green or basic red.

John Deere with Spreading Trailer and snow plough

A new innovation from Rolly which is able to spread grit , rock salt or similar material from the rear of the trailer, a very useful tool in the icy snowy conditions especially. This video clip also features snow chains for the wheels which are essential in these conditions, and a snow plough which can be tractor mounted or front loader mounted. These all fit most of the Rolly large tractor models.

Rolly RTX with snow plough and spreader

This giant Xtrac tractor is shown here working hard in the snow. Its fitted with appropriate additional attachments for the conditions. Snow chains for extra grip, snow plough to clear the snow from the path, and trailer spreader to apply grit or rock salt to treat the ice. Keeps the kids entertained for hours while doing a useful job.



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