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About Robbie Toys Limited

Robbie Toys Ltd was formed in 1997 by Bob Newbery who named the company after his long awaited son after 3 daughters. It is a family run firm with his wife and son playing important roles within the company. Bob has spent more than 35 years in the toy industry and has worked closely with Rolly toys for over 25 years and Injusa for twenty years and we also represent Ferbedo from Germany, BuitenSpeel from Holland, Buki from France, Berjuan from Spain and recently took on Game Movil from Spain.

The company prides itself on its aftersales and backup service and help line facility for the consumer should they encounter any problems with a product manufactured by the factories we represent. We hold stock 365 days of the year not just the lead up to Christmas so no child has to miss out on a birthday present.

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